Fusion (Door)

The choice of those looking for comfort and insulation with its special curved structure that accelerates water leakage and strong sealing

Fusion System is designed in 5 cubicles and 70 mm in width. Use of TPE gaskets allows the system for welding on the edges, thus providing strong level of insulation.

The system has a wider product family with 90 mm and 150 mm of casing profiles, interconnection profiles, angular edge turns, 90° and 135° angular edge turns, drips, aluminum threshold, various closure profiles and windowsill mounting profiles.

Fusion System incorporates a various range of auxiliary products to provide solutions for different details. Fusion System has a special inclined design that speeds up the water discharge. It is possible to apply glasses of 20, 24, 30 and 36 mm in thickness. A latch mechanism could be used in the system as advised for safety purposes.

Fusion System is compatible with all other systems (insect screen, shutters, blinds etc.). All the profiles in the Fusion System are manufactured to the requirements of the standard TS 5358 EN 12608 and, incorporate the class B wall thickness.