Isıcam K Series (Isıcam Comfort)

Isıcam Systems K Series are produced with Şişecam Solar Low-E Glasses.

Solar Control Low-E Glass is heat and solar control glass. Isıcam Systems K Series reduces heat loss from windows by 77% compared to single glazing, 50% compared to ordinary Double Glazing Unit (DGU). Therefore effective heat insulation in winter is provided and heating expenses are reduced. It also decreases solar energy transmission by 40% compared to ordinary DGU. Therefore it keeps cooler in summer and cooling expenses are reduced.


  • The coating provides heat and solar control properties at the same time.
  • Heating and cooling expenses are reduced.
  • Do not compromise on natural daylight and transparency.
  • Reduces condensation on glass surface.
  • In winter cold spots, in summer hot spots by windows are eliminated and heat inside the room is radiated equally.
  • Provides extremely high levels of protection against UV radiation over 75%,therefore helps to reduce fading and ageing effect.
  • Compared to ordinary glazing unit, an additional expense for Isıcam K incorporating with Solar Control Low-E Glass will return in 1-2 years due to low heating and cooling expenses.

Isıcam Konfor Tipleri