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About Us



Established in 2010 by the woman entrepreneur Selma Özsabuncu, our company is one of the leading companies in our region in architectural glass and aluminum or PVC door and window processing with its high capacity and it operates in the door, window and glass sector.

Şen Ortaklar Cam continued its growth by following the developments and innovations in the construction sector where architectural glass (outdoor and indoor) are used extensively and in 2016, became "Authorized Double Glass-Double Glazing Systems Manufacturer" of Şişecam Düzcam. Thanks to its technological infrastructure, technical knowledge, sophisticated production softwares, around 20 experienced employees, and production facility equipped with modern architectural glass processing machines, Şen Ortaklar Cam continues to maintain and develop its quality level and to work effectively in the sector.




Today, it has a high-tech facility located in Gemlik, Bursa with an indoor area of 1,500 m2 and an open area of 2,000 m2. It plays a leading role in the sector with its architectural glass solutions, flexible approaches and excellent services in our current facility. Şen Ortaklar Cam is capable of supplying all kinds of architectural glass (security, heat and solar controlled double glasses, decorative glasses, sound control glasses) to its customers and projects by providing architectural glass from Şişecam Düzcam. In addition to architectural glass production, Şen Ortaklar Cam started to manufacture pvc and aluminum doors and windows in 2014, expanding its product range. Our goal of entering the PVC Door-Window sector is to reduce the production costs by producing glass and frame from a single point and to offer more suitable and higher quality products to our customers.

Today, our company, which has a wide product range in the production of PVC and aluminum doors and windows is the Manufacturer and Dealer of Deceuninck, Rehau, Schuco, Inoutic, Winsa and Fıratpen door and window systems, glass balcony and sliding glass ceiling systems, automatic shutters, garage doors, pull-down shutters, industrial doors and photocell doors. Exporting to different regions such as Israel, Canada, Germany in addition to its local dealers, our company gathers the design, production and assembly of doors and windows in architecture and buildings in a single company and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with the after sales support it provides.