The use of glass in architecture is both elegant and advantageous in some respects. The use of glass in architecture dates back to the Middle Ages. The glass, which was previously used only in windows, is now used in a larger part of the buildings. Particularly, glass is used for more daylighting and brightening. Thanks to its transparent appearance, it is the most beautiful architectural material for glass lighting. Glass used in architecture has different properties, so using glass in architecture is also a functional method.

Insulating Glass Usage

The advantage of insulating glass in architecture is very high. Insulating glass is formed by placing two or three glasses on top of each other. It is a preferred type of glass in order not to be affected by the weather conditions. Another advantage is that it prevents misting and extends the life of the chopping material. It has an important function in saving energy due to the fact that summer and winter times prevent negative weather conditions from entering and at the same time sound insulation.

Reflective Glass

Another type of glass used in architecture is reflective glass. The main feature of this glass is that it has a mirror feature since it does not show its inner side. This glass, which is mostly used on the exterior of buildings, is also functional. It is one of the most common glasses used in architecture both in terms of decorative and not reflecting the interior.

Use of Enamel Glass in Buildings

Enamel glass is also a kind of glass reinforced by several processes. It is functional due to the control of the light. Especially it is preferred on roofs and exterior of buildings. But it also has functions such as separating some partitions inside the building or being used as a table top glass.

Low-E Cam

One of the glasses that are functional in terms of thermal insulation, such as insulating glass, is a type of glass called low-e glass. This glass is capable of retaining and absorbing heat. It is especially used in windows and contributes to energy saving.

Temperli Glass

Temperli glass is one of the types of glass used especially for safety. This glass is reinforced and very durable. It is used in places such as shower glass, bathroom glass, sliding door glass, building entrances, refrigerator shelves. The risk of injury is low because it becomes small pieces when it is broken.

As it is seen, the use of glass preferred in buildings for energy saving, insulation and security reasons is also functional and decorative.

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