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Using acoustic laminated glass, you can control the noise level and provide sound insulation of any room. They are one of the most preferred models among glasses with similar characteristics. Acoustic laminated glass models have been developed specifically for effective sound insulation. Each stage of their production is monitored for compliance with quality standards. Each double-glazed […]

One of the most functional and decorative materials in building construction and architecture is glass. The use of glass in a wide area, especially on the exterior, makes the building look much more elegant. There is also a lot of area in interior for glass using. Glasses used in architecture provide opportunities for wide design […]

The use of glass in architecture is both elegant and advantageous in some respects. The use of glass in architecture dates back to the Middle Ages. The glass, which was previously used only in windows, is now used in a larger part of the buildings. Particularly, glass is used for more daylighting and brightening. Thanks […]

In this post, we will talk about the advantages of sliding glass doors, and why install such doors in your homes or workplaces. Sliding glass doors provide a more flexible and aesthetic interior for your living or working space. Glass doors can be adapted to any place where they are located. In addition, despite their lightness […]

Sliding glass door models are among the widely used door systems that expand their field of application every year. Such door models visually expand the space, creating light and stylish interiors both in residential premises and in public spaces and offices. At the same time, despite the apparent fragility, such doors are very reliable and durable […]

Today, PVC windows are not a luxury. Rather, on the contrary, in connection with the increase in the cost of energy, there was a need to reduce the heat loss of the room. PVC windows like nothing else can effectively cope with this task, especially since they have become more accessible to all comers. Such window systems […]

The modern glazing and production market offers a wide selection of materials and glass types. Each of them performs a certain function, the main of which are: Soundproofing; Thermal insulation; Protective function; Aesthetic function. It is clear that with the development of technologies in the field of glass production, the functionality of each product began to […]

Tempered glass is a particularly durable glass created using special technology from ordinary flat glass. The strength and durability of glass after tempering increases at least 4-5 times in comparison with ordinary glasses. Due to its unique characteristics and properties, such glasses have a wide range of applications in various fields of production, design, construction […]

Insulating glass every year is becoming increasingly popular among customers and manufacturers. That is why interest in this product not only does not subside, but also is constantly growing. In today’s post, we will talk about what is insulating glass and what are its advantages over ordinary glasses. Insulating glass is suitable for both residential […]

What is tempered glass? If you are looking for a detailed answer to this question, then in this post you will find a lot of useful information on this topic. Therefore, in the most general sense, tempered glass is ordinary glass, which in the course of special heat treatment acquires enhanced strength characteristics. In other words, […]

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