Automatic exterior blinds have become one of the most essential attributes in modern residential and public buildings. External blinds are protective elements of window and door openings, which also prevent light from entering the interior of the room, are easily controlled and easy to install. Automatic control of such systems allows you to configure the sun’s protective system as efficiently as possible.

What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Axterior Blinds?

With the help of external blinds, you can maintain a comfortable temperature regime of the room, saving air conditioning costs. In other words, such systems allow you to maintain cool indoors, as well as prevent overcooling in the winter. In addition, external blinds complement and create a unique exterior of the building. Their main distinguishing ability is to efficiently distribute lighting and regulate the penetration of sunlight. They also have a protective function. They can protect a double-glazed window from hit of a foreign object (for example, a stone or a shot from an air gun).

The use of automatic external blinds leads to:

  • Reduce electricity costs up to 90% per year;
  • Reduce heating costs by 30%;
  • Allows you to save on air conditioning up to 40%;
  • Reduce room temperature by an average of 5 – 7 ° C in the summer;
  • Protect the interior from exposure to direct sunlight.

How Do Automatic Exterior Blinds Work?

You can control automatic exterior blinds in several ways:

  • Remote control;
  • Smartphone or tablet (smart home control)
  • Fixed switch.

Each method has its advantages, features of use and price. The automatic shutter system is usually very easy to use and install. Blinds open and close without requiring the use of physical force. All you need is just to press the button on the remote control, smartphone or switch. Remote-controlled models typically communicate by radio frequency. This eliminates the need for wiring.

Where Are Automatic Exterior Blinds Used?

Due to the wide range of functions and advantages, automatic blinds are one of the most popular exterior elements in recent times. Their adaptation to spaces and a wide variety of colors and designs allow the use of blinds in many different areas.

It is also possible to apply images to external blinds, for example, a company logo, which opens up an additional function of their using – as a marketing component of any business.

From the foregoing, a simple conclusion can be made that automatic external blinds can be used on window and doorways of any buildings (residential, public, office, retail, etc.).

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