Over time and the development of technology, our views on life and the environment around us change. We have a desire to replace the usual obsolete things with something more functional and modern. Automatic roller shutters will be a good replacement for conventional window and door shutters. We will talk about them in more detail later in the post.

What is Automatic Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters are a type of folding blinds. They are a panel consisting of metal or plastic horizontal slats, which moves along the side guides. In the raised state, the roller shutters are folded into a tight roll, which is closed by a metal box. When closed, they are locked. They are used for window and door openings on the outside of buildings. Roller shutters can have a manual or automatic control system. Typically, such shutters serve to protect against illegal entry into the room on which they are installed. Most often, shutters are made of steel, aluminum or plastic. However, there are also models made of wood, perforated and even armored.

What Are The Advantages Of Automatic Roller Shutters Systems?

One of the main reasons for the high popularity of automatic roller shutters is their reliability and functionality. Among their main advantages are:

Reliable protection against hacking;
Roller shutters made of metal are almost impossible to crack without the use of metal cutting tools, which will attract a lot of attention due to noise. In addition, the system can be connected to an alarm.

Properly installed roller shutters can reduce external noise by 20-30%.

Lighting level adjustment;
You can install models of roller shutters with adjustable lamella direction, which will allow you to change the level of illumination at your discretion. In addition, there are roller shutter models on the market that can fully or partially reflect sunlight, which means that they do not heat the room, allowing you to save on air conditioning.

Automatic shutters do not require special care, are easy to clean and are able to operate without fail for many years.

Roller shutters can be made of different materials and more than 200 colors. They have a modern and beautiful design that can easily be integrated into any building exterior.

Rolling shutters quickly open from the inside, opening the way for the evacuation of people and valuables in case of fire. Automatic shutters can be connected to fire alarm sensors and will automatically open when an alarm is triggered. In addition, the shutter mechanisms can be equipped with an emergency manual opening system.

Where Are Automatic Roller Shutters Used?

Due to the large number of advantages, automatic roller shutters have become one of the most popular products. Today they are used almost everywhere, where increased protection and security are required. These are not only residential buildings, but also office and public buildings, shops, warehouses and garages. Very often, roller shutters are used to install on the windows of the first floors of the building and doorways of commercial real estate.

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