Frosted glass is the optimal material for creating a unique and original design in a residential, public and even commercial space. Due to the opaque surface and good light transmission, the product is very popular among customers and always remains relevant and in demand. Glass will always maintain a modern style, with its help you can […]

Exterior blinds systems are used to create favorable indoor conditions. These systems are beautiful, convenient and easy to maintain. They are ideal for both public and residential premises. Their main purpose is to regulate the flow of sunlight. In addition, they can be used as sun protection systems, as protection against penetration from the outside, or […]

Colored glass is one of the glasses that offers various color solutions for creating stylish and modern glass structures. In general, the properties and characteristics of such glass is no different from ordinary. Its color is designed to solve only the aesthetic function and the wishes of the customer. The scope of use of such glass […]

Automatic exterior blinds have become one of the most essential attributes in modern residential and public buildings. External blinds are protective elements of window and door openings, which also prevent light from entering the interior of the room, are easily controlled and easy to install. Automatic control of such systems allows you to configure the sun’s […]

Glass facade models are spreading rapidly, especially in recent years. They offer convenient and simple solutions that are good not only in terms of aesthetics, but also have great functionality. Glass is a modern and safe material. Despite the apparent fragility, it has obvious advantages, including increased strength and energy efficiency. Glass facades of buildings in […]

Over time and the development of technology, our views on life and the environment around us change. We have a desire to replace the usual obsolete things with something more functional and modern. Automatic roller shutters will be a good replacement for conventional window and door shutters. We will talk about them in more detail later in […]

Tempered glass is also known as reinforced glass. Tempered glass has a stronger structure than conventional glasses. Usually they are used for glazing facades of buildings or any other places where increased strength and resistance to strong physical influences are required. In addition, tempered glass is resistant to heat and allows its use in the manufacture […]

A double glazed window is a system of interconnected glasses, the space between which is filled with air or inert gas. This space is called the chamber. There can be one or two such cameras in a double-glazed window, and in accordance with their number, the glazing unit can be double or triple. Such double glazed windows […]

Tempered glass properties differ from many other known types of glasses. Tempered glass is known for its high strength characteristics. Glasses are highly resistant to high temperatures and mechanical stresses. This makes them one of the safest materials, which can significantly expand the scope of their use. Now it can be used not only in construction […]

What is tempered glass? If you are looking for a detailed answer to this question, then in this post you will find a lot of useful information on this topic. Therefore, in the most general sense, tempered glass is ordinary glass, which in the course of special heat treatment acquires enhanced strength characteristics. In other words, […]

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