double glazed window is a system of interconnected glasses, the space between which is filled with air or inert gas. This space is called the chamber. There can be one or two such cameras in a double-glazed window, and in accordance with their number, the glazing unit can be double or triple. Such double glazed windows have improved characteristics of heat and sound insulation. Still air or gas, hermetically sealed between the glasses, acts as a heat insulator. Such a window system retains heat more effectively and more reliably protects against heat loss, providing a favorable microclimate in the room all year round and reducing heating costs.

What Are The Advantages Of Double Glazed Window?

Thermal insulation;
This indicator is achieved due to the special design of the glass. Thanks to the chambers and the air or gas layer between the glasses, the thermal conductivity of the window is reduced by an additional 20-30%. In other words, the double-glazed window works on the principle of a thermal mirror, reflecting infrared radiation in the room and preventing it from going outside.

Double glazing window can be tinted.
Thus, it is possible to solve both the aesthetic issue and the issue of privacy of the premises (office or medical center).

High sound insulation;
In conditions of modern cities, high noise insulation has become a necessary parameter of quality life. A double-glazed window will not allow outside noise to enter the room.

High strength
This characteristic is achieved using tempered glass in the manufacture of glazed unit

Where Is Double Glazed Window Used?

Models of double-glazed windows with double-glazing are easily adapted to any space and room, due to the possibility of their customization. Today, no modern building can do without high quality and safe double-glazed windows, which not only give the room a stylish look, but also solve many functional problems. So, where are double glazed windows used? Let’s get a look;

Residential and public buildings,
Office and shopping centers;
Schools, hospitals;
Glazing of balconies, loggias, and much more.

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