Exterior blinds systems are used to create favorable indoor conditions. These systems are beautiful, convenient and easy to maintain. They are ideal for both public and residential premises. Their main purpose is to regulate the flow of sunlight. In addition, they can be used as sun protection systems, as protection against penetration from the outside, or simply be part of the decor.

Exterior Blinds System Features

Exterior blinds systems include the blinds themselves and their control system. As a rule, they are installed on windows or doorways from the street. This solution is relevant for building facades, premises located on the ground floors, as well as for rooms with open areas (verandas, loggias, terraces, etc.). Such systems are used as additional protection against criminal attacks.

  • So, what are the main external shutters system features? Let us get a look;
  • They effectively protect the room from the sun and overheating;
  • They are durable, can withstand strong winds and prevent illegal entry into the room;
  • They provide very effective results in terms of providing thermal and sound insulation;
  • They reduce the cost of air conditioning;
  • They are coated with an anti-corrosion compound, which increases the service life;
  • They are ideally suited to any exterior thanks to a wide selection of colors and models;
  • You can control the blinds either manually or remotely using the remote control or smartphone.

Types And Models Of Exterior Blinds Systems

Modern exterior blinds are ready to satisfy the various needs of customers thanks to a wide range of models. The external blinds system will protect the windows and doors from the weather and increase their life, as well as ensure the privacy of the room from prying eyes. Designers advise when choosing blind systems to consider the features and color of the building’s facade. So, what types and models of blinds are the most convenient and safe? Let us get a look.

  • Wooden blinds system;
  • Aluminum blinds system;
  • PVC blinds system;
  • Plastic (transparent) blinds system;
  • Vandal-proof blinds system;
  • Blinds with manual control system;
  • Blinds with automatic control system;
  • Blinds with a remote control system (control panel or smartphone).

Each blind system has its own characteristics and thanks to them, it can be used as efficiently as possible. For example, aluminum or PVC systems are perfect for residential and public buildings. Wooden systems look great in the exterior of country houses, cottages or verandas. Transparent plastic models are suitable for conservatories, terraces or outdoor pools. Vandal-proof blinds are most often used in the exterior of shops, cafes and garages. As you can see, the external blinds system can be used almost everywhere. In addition, their scope is greatly expanded by a large model and color line.

Do not forget about the blind control system. Because your personal comfort ultimately depends on it. The simplest and cheapest is a manual mechanism. However, it is not suitable for everyone and requires the application, although not large, but still physical strength. Automatic and remote mechanisms are reliable and easy to operate, so even a child can handle them.

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