Frosted glass is the optimal material for creating a unique and original design in a residential, public and even commercial space. Due to the opaque surface and good light transmission, the product is very popular among customers and always remains relevant and in demand. Glass will always maintain a modern style, with its help you can make the correct and rational zoning of the room, as well as perform a number of other equally important tasks.

What Are The Properties Of Frosted Glass?

Depending on the model of frosted glass, it has a number of individual characteristics. For example, some frosted glass models are used only for creating an interesting decor, while others are used for more specific safety purposes. However, like any other material, frosted glass also has some common advantages and properties. They can be listed as follows:

 One of the most important properties of frosted glass is its ability to gently and beautifully diffuse the light passing through it. In addition, you can adjust the degree of transparency of the light passing through it, up to the full reflection of sunlight.
 Frosted glass is an ideal tool for creating an interesting interior design indoors. Such glass can easily become the main accent or help to properly zone the room, preserving its volume. By your order, any image or pattern can be applied to the glass, it can also be colored.
 Frosted glass can be tempered (in whole or in part), which means it can acquire high strength characteristics. Such glass is resistant to damage and safe to use. As a rule, such glasses are used in cases where you need to make a secure fence (for example, balcony partitions made of frosted glass).
 Frosted glass can be used in the manufacture of double-glazed windows. In this case, such a glass acquires high characteristics of noise and thermal insulation. The thermal insulation properties of such a double-glazed window, in turn, can significantly reduce the cost of heating or cooling the room.
 Frosted glass has a high degree of customization. In addition to the shape of the glass, the customer can also choose its color, degree of transparency, pattern and more.

Where Is Frosted Glass Used?

Frosted glass has very versatile properties and can be used almost in any room. With it, you can decorate the building both inside and out. So where is frosted glass used?

  • Production of shower cabins and bathroom partitions;
  • Double-glazed windows;
  • Doors (interior and exterior);
  • Partitions (office and interior) and shop windows;
  • Glazing of facades, balconies, loggias, verandas, terraces;
  • Glass ceilings, staircases and railings;
  • Glass visors;
  • Glass furniture, decorative inserts in doors and furniture doors;
  • Kitchen aprons, glass paintings and other home decoration.

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