Sliding glass door models are among the widely used door systems that expand their field of application every year. Such door models visually expand the space, creating light and stylish interiors both in residential premises and in public spaces and offices. At the same time, despite the apparent fragility, such doors are very reliable and durable in everyday life. Sliding glass doors can be made in a modern and classic style. This means that they fit perfectly into any interior from classics to hi-tech or loft. Special glass manufacturing technology for such doors allows them to withstand intense temperature and mechanical stresses, making them completely safe to use and easy to maintain.

What Are The Sliding Glass Goors Models?

The main advantages of sliding glass doors in addition to their strength and safety are their functionality and a high degree of customization. Such doors can fit well into any style of interior and exterior. Due to hidden mechanisms, sliding glass doors do not reduce the space of the room, leaving it bright and free. Sliding glass door systems come in several different models. Among them:

  • Sliding glass doors with a hidden mechanism;
  • Doors with a visible mechanism;
  • Doors in an aluminum profile;
  • Sliding glass doors in frames;
  • Frameless sliding glass doors.

Advantages Of Sliding Glass Doors Models

In the modern market, sliding glass doors of various models are presented. Each of them has various advantages for customers due to their functionality. It would be wrong to say that sliding glass doors are used only for greater access to sunlight in the premises. Other important factors influence customer choice. Among them are:

  • Sliding glass doors allow zoning the space without visually reducing its volume.
  • Such doors are easy to open and close, because they are mounted on a durable rail system.
  • Sliding doors can be used both in residential premises and in commercial (offices, banks, shopping centers and so on)
  • Sliding glass doors have a high degree of customization; they can easily adjust to the needs of the client.
  • The door mechanism can be hidden inside the wall so that nothing violates the aesthetics of the premises.
  • Sliding glass doors model are easy to install and use.

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