Zendow Deluxe (Window)

With its aesthetic design and high performance, we offer spaces comfort and elegance

Due to the perfect design and aesthetics, the Zendow Deluxe System easily fits the style of your home. The System is thoroughly considered to perfectly suit your requirements.


Designed in 5 chambers and 70 mm in frame width, the Zendow Deluxe System provides excellent thermal performance. The base heat transmission coefficient (Uf) of the system is 1,3 – 1,4 W/m2K as found out as a result of the tests carried out in the IFT Rosenheim. For the applications with the middle gasket, UF is certified as 1,3 W/m2K.


Acoustic insulation is very important for noisy living spaces of the modern world. The Zendow Deluxe System incorporates 2-chamber fuses providing better acoustic insulation than those manually inserted. In addition, the existing features of PVC and the multi-chamber structure of the Zendow Deluxe System transforms noisy environments to perfect living spaces. Even in locations with intense traffic interference requiring a maximum level of acoustic insulation.


Due to the product range offered, the Zendow Deluxe System fits any requirement. The static meeting rails and front profiles provide the best solutions even in areas of strong wind.


The doors and windows in the Zendow Deluxe System create a healthier environment due to the higher level of insulation and features such as longevity, low maintenance and 100% recyclability and reprocess-ability at the end of the economic life.