Using acoustic laminated glass, you can control the noise level and provide sound insulation of any room. They are one of the most preferred models among glasses with similar characteristics. Acoustic laminated glass models have been developed specifically for effective sound insulation. Each stage of their production is monitored for compliance with quality standards. Each double-glazed window consists of two glass plates and a sound-absorbing layer between them. Thus, not only high strength and safety of the glass unit, but also high-quality sound insulation is ensured.

How Is Acoustic Laminated Glass Made?

Acoustic laminated glass is produced using a special technology using two glass plates and a polyvinyl butyral layer between them. These layers combine under the influence of high temperatures and pressure. This production technology provides complete sealing and strength of the glass. Such glass not only provides effective sound insulation, but also has high thermal insulation performance.

To achieve high performance characteristics of acoustic laminated glass in its production, it is necessary:

  • Use extra strong and thick glass plates;
  • Use laminated glass in single or double glazing systems;
  • Laminated glass of various thicknesses can be used to adjust the degree of sound insulation;
  • Sound insulation performance can be improved to a higher level using more than one laminated glass.

Acoustic laminated glass models have revolutionized the glass-manufacturing sector. They have undoubted advantages among double-glazed windows with similar characteristics. In addition, laminated glass has a wide scope, which allows it to be used in various rooms.

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