What is tempered glass? If you are looking for a detailed answer to this question, then in this post you will find a lot of useful information on this topic. Therefore, in the most general sense, tempered glass is ordinary glass, which in the course of special heat treatment acquires enhanced strength characteristics. In other words, such glasses are at least 4-5 times more resistant to mechanical, physical and thermal effects than ordinary glasses. At the same time, after the process of tempering glass, it does not change its chemical structure, color, or even mass. Due to the wide range of properties, tempered glass can be used in various industries and construction.

How To Make Tempered Glass?

In the production of tempered glass, a special furnace system is used. In these furnaces, glass is heated to temperatures from 600 to 650 ° C (more than 1000 ° F). Then the glass quickly but evenly cools. Lowering the temperature creates hardening in the entire structure of the glass. This is due to the pressure of the cooled outer part of the glass on the hot inner, squeezing it, and as a result, hardening. In addition to its high strength characteristics, tempered glass also has high heat resistance. Therefore, they withstand temperatures up to 300 ° C (572 ° F). For ordinary glasses, this value is only 40 ° C (100 ° F).

What Are The Properties Of Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass in its characteristics differ significantly from ordinary glasses. This allows you to use them in various areas of production (for example, in the manufacture of oven doors) and construction (building facade and interior). So, what are the properties of tempered glass?

  • Tempered glass is 4-5 times more durable than usual;
  • In case of damage, the glass does not break into fragments. This minimizes the risk of personal injury.
  • Tempered glass is resistant to mechanical damage (chips, scratches, cutting, etc.);
  • Tempered glass can have any design, shape and color, and in appearance it does not differ in any way from ordinary glass;
  • Tempered glass is resistant to high temperatures.

How To Clean Tempered Glass?

In general, cleaning tempered glass is similar to cleaning ordinary glass or a mirror and does not require special care products. A regular microfiber cloth, water, and glass cleaner are enough for effectively clean the surface. With a large cleaning area (for example, the facade of the building) it makes sense to attract cleaning companies, but only in terms of the availability of special equipment for working on the facade. Tempered glass is very easy to use and care and does not require special measures when cleaning.

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