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Insulation glass

Insulating glass is a glazed unit, consisting of two or more glasses, fastened in the factory, designed to reduce heat loss by up to half compared to a conventional glass unit, as well as for sound insulation. Spacer double-glazing is made of aluminum. In addition, polyisobutylene, which is one of the primary sealing materials with moisture-absorbing properties, is combined with the second sealing material polysulfide or special silicone.

Double-glazed windows can be both transparent and painted, with a special coating against sun glare. As a rule, double-glazed windows consist of thermostatic, tempered and enameled glass panels.

Insulating glass is able to delay heat transfer between the external environment and the interior. Insulating glass perfectly protects from cold, heat and noise. Installation of such double-glazed windows is beneficial from both economic and environmental points of view. The space between the glass panels in the glass unit determines the diffusion coefficient, which in turn affects the thermal insulation characteristics. In addition, the manufacturer’s Trakya Cam warranty for a period of 10 years from manufacturing-related defects extends to the insulating glass. All double-glazed windows with insulating glass are made only from authorized dealers of Trakya Cam in accordance with the with the Turkish quality standard “TS 3539 EN 1279 Yalitim Cami Uniteleri” (Double-glazed windows). Double-glazed windows may be deformed due to the difference in air pressure at the installation site and at the production site. To prevent this situation, a hole is drilled in the window profile during the production of the glass unit. During installation of the glass unit, pressure is equalized and the orifice is closed with a special valve. Thus, any problems associated with pressure compensation in the glass unit are eliminated in advance. This process prevents negative consequences, such as deformation of the double-glazed unit with insulating glass.

What is Insulating Glass?

  1. What is Isicam insulating glass?

    Isicam insulation glass is a brand of double-glazing systems manufactured under the control of Sisecam.

  2. What are the benefits of using Isicam insulating glass?

    The noise isolation of Isicam glass allows you to live and work in a more relaxed atmosphere. Glass also provides a high level of thermal insulation, which allows you to significantly save money on heating or cooling the room. Thanks to the coating of Isicam glass, you can work in a safer environment. As our product range is wide, you can find solutions for your various needs.

  3. What series of Isicam instulating glass to choose?

    Isicam insulating glass systems consist of three series: the C series, the S series, and the K series. You can get technical support from our company regarding which series of glass units you should use according to your needs.





Insulation Glass Products

Isıcam K Series (Isıcam Comfort)

Isıcam Systems K Series are produced with Şişecam Solar Low-E Glasses.

Isıcam S Series (Isıcam Sinergie)

Isıcam Systems S Series are produced with Şişecam Low-E Glasses with high quality heat control coating.

Isıcam C Series (Isıcam Classic)

Isıcam Systems, Produced by Şen Ortaklar Cam LTD STI who have achieved superior quality standards, under the franchise agreement and the supervision of Şişecam Flat Glass.

Providing glass and PVC to its customers both in Turkey and abroad from different sectors, Sen Ortaklar Cam has a business volume with Africa, Europe and South America and serves many companies from different sectors in Turkey.

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